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Wei n : any of several imperial dynasties of China ruling from 220 to 265 and from 386 to 556 [syn: Wei dynasty]

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  1. grass land where animals graze; meadow, pasture.
  2. a product obtained from milk; whey


Measure word

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  1. (for persons)
    wo zhi qingle yi wei keren. "I invited only one guest."

Pinyin syllable

  1. A transliteration of any of a number of Chinese characters properly represented as having one of four tones, wēi, wéi, wěi, or wèi.

Usage notes

English transcriptions of Chinese speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences employed in the Chinese language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone.

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The term Wei may refer to:
  • Wei Chen, a Canadian television and radio journalist
  • Zhao Wei, a Chinese film actress and pop singer, sometimes referred to by her English name, Vicki Zhao
  • a common misspelling of Michelle Wie, golfer
The acronym WEI may also refer to:
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